virtual workshop: Technology for co-working on health and active life

endorsed by FEES
supported by AAL Europe

Technology → Ergonomics → OH → health care → AAL
<<< towards human centered AI >>>

When & where:
place: virtual (link will be provided)
date: June 13th 2024 14:00
duration: ~2 hours
application: please use the application form at the bottom

Overall subject:

The health care systems in the European regions are in transition. A wise integration of innovative processes in primary care, competence improvement strategies and the use of technology will be the key for a successful implementation of a demanding change.

Together with partners in research and practice KOHS is being developing a new format of interdisciplinary collaboration. The idea is to foster activities in communities of health care, ergonomics, occupational health and technology research.

Topics of the workshop will be actual demands in health care (secondary users), applications of technology to meet this demands, technology (focusing on open platforms, open source), integrated processes to enable co-working on health of primary users and the health of health care workers (challenges for health care organisations and occupational health (tertiary users).

Topics of the workshop:

  • Introduction to the concept (format of collaboration)
  • Actual challenges in health care
    • “New” approach: Community health care → co-working on health → active life
  • Focus on the AAL domain – concepts of agile development
  • Data – need of data and data structures (open data)
  • Approach of: Integrated learning
  • Approach of: Joint cognitive systems (JCS)
  • Relevant aspects of Ergonomics
  • Management of change

Speaker lineup:

  • Michael Wichtl, Managing Director of Austrian Ergonomics Association, Vienna, Austria
  • Gyula Szabó, Óbuda University, Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, President of the Hungarian Ergonomics Society, Budapest, Hungary
  • Tihomir Dovramadjiev, Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, President of Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors (BAEHF)
  • Alexander Burov, Institute for Digitalisation of Education, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Tatiana Teixeira, INEGI, Biomechanics and Health, Portugal
  • Thomas Dreibholz, Simula Metropolitan Centre for Digital Engineering, Oslo, Norway
  • Carina Dantas, SHINE 2Europe, Coimbra, Portugal
  • Jan-Marc Verlinden,, The Netherlands
  • Martin Morandell, Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, General Secretary AAL Austria, Tyrol, Austria
  • Maria Laura Clemente, CRS4 Research Center, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, Italy
  • Harald Kviecien, KOHS, Vienna, Austria


The workshop is supported by AAL Europe, FEES (Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies) and organized in collaboration with Bulgarian Association for Ergonomics and Human Factors (BAEHF) and the Ergonomics and Human Factors Regional Educational CEEPUS Network.

Application form:

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